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Tiago Coimbra | Oboe


Camerata Nov'Arte - Brucker 7

Art'Ventus Quintet - Swiss Treasures

Works by Peter Mieg, Paul Huber, Paul Juon and Gion Derungs

Samuel Bastos - Portuguese Works for Oboe
Samuel BASTOS, Tiago COIMBRA, Luís MATOS, Vítor PINHO & Camerata Nov'Arte | Estúdios Rangel
Works for Oboe by Sérgio Azevedo, Luís Carvalho, Tiago Coimbra, Ana Rocha, Ana Seara e José Silva.

Sinfonia Concertante for Flute, Oboe and Orchestra

James STRAUSS, Tiago COIMBRA, Vasilis TSIATSIANIS & Europa United Chamber Orchestra | Universal Music Group
On 23 March 1783, an important concert took place at Vienna’s Burg Theater, which cemented Mozart’s reputation in the imperial capital, where he had resided since 1781. For the performance, Mozart borrowed the ‘Haffner ’Symphony from the Salzburg repertoire and added the long concertante movement for wind instruments from the ‘Posthorn’ Serenade. There, two movements of K320 – the Concertante and the Rondeau (movements 3 and 4) – featuring solo for flute, oboe and bassoon for this occasion were rearranged by himself, who performed the movements independently of the serenade as a ‘ Sinfonia Concertante’. The parts he used to perform survive in the Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main.

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